Different Types Of Poker Chip Sets For Different Poker Games

There are different types of poker chip sets that you can choose from. You can select any type to play any kind of casino game. Still, suppose you want to make your gaming experience great fun. In that case, you must be very careful with your selection of casino chip sets. Using chip sets in gambling games started in the mid-1800s. Initially, wood, paper, and bone were some of the materials used to make them. As time passed, the trend changed, and now they are made of higher quality materials, such as clay, metal, composite, and ABS. Following is a brief rundown of some materials used to make poker chip sets for casino games.


Poker chips made of plastic are the most inexpensive ones. Still, they are not very durable compared to other poker chip set types. However, they are usually very colourful and are available for sale in different styles. They also carry comparatively very little weight. However, the good thing about them is that you can easily replace them.

Chip Injected With PVC Plastic And Metal Slug

Though made of PVC plastic, composite chips are usually hefty, as they have a metal slug in their center. Because of their heavy weight, they are often considered an excellent option to be used at home for fun games. The good thing is that these poker chips are more durable than pure plastic chip sets and are readily available everywhere at a reasonable price.

Diamond poker Chip Sets

Diamond chip sets cost a little more than plastic and PVC composite chips, but they give you a better feel of the poker chip set used in real-time casinos. They also carry a more appealing look. Besides that, they provide you more options to customize them the way you want in terms of shape, size, and engravings. They are obviously much more durable than the above two types.

Clay Composite

A unique injection mould is used to manufacture clay composite poker chip sets. These types of poker chips are made of clay and ceramic. Because of the materials used, full coverage graphics can easily be placed on them. They are often costly, elegant, and highly durable. However, they are neither too heavy nor too light in terms of weight. A clay composite chip usually weighs around 10-11 grams, the standard in real-time casinos.

Casino Grade poker Chip Sets

Casino-grade chip sets are probably the best among the different types available. It is a secret how they are made, as the manufacturers never explain the process publicly. But, a general idea is that they are made of compressed and moulded clay. They can stack well and are very easy to handle. If you are looking for casino chip sets for serious tournaments, you had better go for the poker chips with the best quality. But, you must be ready to pay a much higher price for them.  

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