Poker Hand Probability – Using It To Win At Poker

Poker HandProbability
Royal Flush0.0000134009%
Straight Flush0.0004824340%
Four of a Kind0.0083621900%
Full House0.0501731402%
Three of a Kind0.7358727232%
Two Pair1.6557136272%
High Card17.4552676437%

Texas hold ’em is a game of probabilities and of understanding the odds. 

Suppose you are unaware of how to calculate and understand your poker hand’s probability. In that case, you could land yourself in a difficult position with your opponents. You need to study your poker hands in the order you have dealt with and understand the odds they offer in conjunction with the community cards.

You should be in a position to know what the probabilities are at any given moment in a game. You need to see the percentage of odds the poker hands order offers you at every round and understand what it means.

Understanding Risk And Reward

At any given point in a game, you can determine whether your poker hand and the community cards you see are worth the risk and whether it will pay to take that risk. You need to balance this risk against the reward you can expect.

Many people who have just started playing poker take huge risks even when the expected reward seems too low. Such risk-taking may sometimes pay off, but not in the long run.

Certain players, knowing the risk, raise the bet just to flush other players out of the game, thereby increasing the odds in their favor. Such a game requires you to understand the risk-taking and rewards expected.

Another tip worth remembering is that Texas hold’em and other variations of poker are games of logic, where you need to hide your emotions. A small show of emotion, by slight movement in your chair, or actions of your arms, is a dead giveaway to experts. Understanding your style of play, they will be able to guess what kinds of cards you probably have.

In the same way, being a logical payer, you need to consider many factors – those giveaway signs and your opponent’s style of play. All these are not sure-shot things but will add to the probability of winning.

Calculating Probability

Many good players of Texas hold’em calculate the probabilities after looking at their poker hands looking at the hole, as well as community cards. After studying their two-hole cards and the five community cards, they can calculate the probabilities.

They will have noticed how their opponents played the earlier three rounds. Understanding their play styles can probably calculate the probabilities of the remaining 45 cards (52 – 7). However, this is not easy as there are 2,598,960 combinations of hands!

One way to help you with your probabilities is using the odds calculators in your online games. Many do, and using such devices is not considered illegal and cheating.

These odds and probability calculators study your poker hands’ order and give you the probabilities possible in real time. Such programs will not turn you into an excellent professional overnight. Still, it will provide you with a better understanding of the game.

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